In Memory

Rick Danbury

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09/08/11 09:06 PM #1    

Kerry Parham

 I was visiting my parents in the Twin Lakes area the last time I saw Rick when he rode up and stopped his motocross bike with 2 flat tires.   I told him tough luck on getting 2 flats at the same time, and he said no, he'd let the air out himself so he could practice riding that way in case it happened while racing.   We all thought that was pretty funny at the time, but if you knew Rick, I'm sure it made perfect sense to him.    

Rick was small in stature, but had a big heart.   He often wore a giant metal belt buckle like you'd win at a rodeo.   He compensated for his small size by taking years of martial arts training, and I believe he held a black belt a the time of his death when some low-life hit him over the head with a bottle in a convenience store parking lot, not long after graduating from high school.   He was a loyal friend and once backed me up in some stupid junior high school brawl.   Sorry that all those years ago I wasn't there for him when he needed someone to watch his back; just more unnecessary and senseless violence. 

09/10/11 03:47 PM #2    

Jaymee Schroeder (Metzenthin)

I'm glad Kerry posted about Rick.  He was our neighbor on Dogwood Street.  My brother Jimmy and I  were always whooping and hollering with Rick over the fence in our backyards.  Rick was constantly in motion, always willing to help.  Rick's mother worked at a jewelry store and my then fiancee bought our wedding bands from her.  At the risk of sounding terribly sentimental, how we are touched by others is a gift.  Rick was an only child, adopted.  He was courageous and vulnerable at the same time.

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