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07/24/10 06:57 AM #1    

Chris Pinkham

Welcome to the Wichita North High School Class Of 1971 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

01/04/11 09:11 AM #2    

Chris Pinkham

 With Kent Kirkendall registering and Jeff Kutilek announcing the FaceBook group, I used to drag Rochester, I was reminded of an incident that happened when we were Juniors.  

I'm pretty sure it was 1st hour, and we were sitting there quietly in Dorothy Wyatt's English class, which was in one of the annexes on the NE corner of the campus.  (I should probably mention, since this would never have happened otherwise, that we had a substitute teacher that day...)  

It was a beautiful Spring day, and unbeknownst to us, the Gym classes were going to start going outside that day, after a long winter of inside activities.  The intercom came on and announced:  "Anyone who has parked their car behind the archery range should move it immediately."  Never one to miss an opportunity, Gary LaRue stands up suddenly and exclaims:  "Oh no, I've got to go move my car!"  Instantly, 4 or 5 more of us (guys) stand up, make the same announcement simultaneously, and make for the door where LaRue is already heading out.  (We didn't give the substitute a chance to respond, we just went.)

I'm not sure what we thought we were going to do once we got out of the annex, but just as our feet hit the ground, that problem was solved.  There, cruising Rochester, was Kent Kirkendall in his blue Chevy Nova!  We all piled in, and spent most of the rest of the hour cruising Rochester with Kent, retuning to class only slightly before the hour was about to end. 


01/05/11 05:52 PM #3    

Jeff Kutilek

Yeah Chris--Subtitutes were PRICELESS !

01/05/11 06:44 PM #4    

Jeff Kutilek

Chris---Think the class that you, Chris Lent, and I must agree that turned us in to real men was foods class, as seniors.


By the way-excellent site here you put together. No question that much more will come out ! So glad that we are all protected by a 2 year statute of limitations. So at 40 years--think all are safe.

01/07/11 10:23 AM #5    

Chris Pinkham

  Thanks Jeff, but credit for the website goes to our web-masters, Kim Krug Swisher, and Cindy Hubbard Vadakin.

I'm not sure what it says about our class of ~ 685 people that you and I and Lent were the only 3 guys secure enough in our masculinity to take the Foods class, but I don't think it says anything good...


01/07/11 11:44 PM #6    

Jeff Kutilek

Funny !! That foods class taught us that faith and determination pays huge dividends. It only took us 3 months to make chocolate chip cookies and we were damn proud. We were real men to take that class !

Have to check out Stough's place -- but my concern is there a dress code?

01/08/11 03:27 PM #7    

Chris Pinkham

 I've never been to Stough's Shamrock Lounge either, but unless he's changed, I wouldn't show up without a sport coat and tie, if I were you.

01/08/11 10:01 PM #8    

Jeff Kutilek

Going through my closet now---think my Chris Farley salesman garb would be safe. I"ll let you know how it goes. Of course -I have Jimi  Hendrix and Johny Cash stuff-too---I'll feel it out.

Waiting for others to chime in here.



01/11/11 06:53 PM #9    

Kim Krug (Swisher)

 Wear a sport coat & tie at Dave's & you guys will be the only ones!!! Dress code there is very casual.  It's more of a neighbor hood bar.  

You guys are funny.  I would of loved seeing you in Foods class!  LOL  But 3 months for cookies??? What was the problem there??  


01/11/11 08:35 PM #10    

Chris Pinkham

"I would of loved seeing you in Foods class!  LOL  But 3 months for cookies??? What was the problem there??"



I doubt this was Jeff's problem, but I recall being a bit distracted...

01/12/11 09:33 PM #11    

Cindy Hubbard (Vadakin)

 i'd like to claim credit for this great site, but it was all Chris, Kim and Mary so far that has put this together!

01/17/11 11:45 PM #12    

Jeff Kutilek

 I checked out Stough's Shamrock. Dave was there and we laughed and scrathed. Great place. Think he may an annoucement soon.

01/19/11 09:56 AM #13    

Dale Bing

Dragging Rochester was a blast! I was just telling Janet Petersen (Fox) about that last night. Its  a wonder that no one got ran over. I had a white 1965 Chevy El Camino that ran pretty good, I left a lot of rubber on Roshester. I have another El Camino just like that one, that I show in car shows. Looking forward to the 40th, man 40 years, where did the time go? 

01/24/11 10:38 PM #14    

Jeff Kutilek

Dale --I have an issue. I have constantly  politely ask Redskins to join 'I used to drag Rochester" on FB. Is there a tech problem or what ? I have even invited others from other schools that came over. Please access what the issue is.

02/17/11 04:29 PM #15    

James Bullins

I remember the last day of school - We were all ready to go to the senior sambo that night with Steve Palmer Driving.  Trouble was he was arrested that morning when he fell out of his car drunk in the burger joint across from the school.  He did manage to talk his mom in to letting him go out that night.

09/11/11 04:27 PM #16    


LuAnn Watson (Tillison)

After having attended our 40th Reunion, I want to sincerely thank each and every person who had any role in planning and pulling off such a fun weekend!  I really appreciate everything that all of the committee did.  It was so fun seeing so many of us all together again!

Thanks to David ( and his sweet wife) for their hospitality on Friday evening.  The rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits at all, I don't think.  Touring the school together was also neat.  Being in those halls, the gym, the all brings back some GREAT memories.  I'm pretty sure we had to climb at least 2 extra flights up to get to the Tower this time though, didn't we???? ;-)

Saturday night was delightful..watching everyone have so much fun.  Mark and Joni Russell really know how to make things nice there at the Brickyard.

Like all of you, I am saddened at the passing of so many of our classmates.  That grief makes me appreciate our being together that much more. I spoke to many of you, but to everyone-- I want to tell you that I am grateful for you; grateful for our terrific class of 1971; and grateful for the new memories that were made this reunion weekend!  May God bless and keep you and your families safe in His care!

Chris Pinkham, to you and all of your team, my warmest thanks for a job really well-done. 



LuAnn (Watson) Tillison

09/22/11 11:25 PM #17    


Matthew Mitchell


     You were always--and, it seems, still are--the sweetest lady in the room. I can't say what you just said any better. Thanks for being so real and so elequent. (m) 

10/03/11 11:06 AM #18    


Jan Goodrich

I would like to also thank everyone that worked so hard on getting this together. Thanks to David for hosting us Friday night. The Shamrock is a surprising place when you get in there and see all the room to spread out in.


06/01/14 06:47 PM #19    


Janet Corns (Bradbury)

Hey guys?  Can't we keep a dialog going here?  I know I've been missing a lot  but if we're gonna reach the rest of the class for 2016, we'll have to start real soon.

06/02/14 07:31 PM #20    


Steve Love


I didn't know about the 40th but I don't want to miss the 45th!!!  Can it have been that long ago??? I have moved to a Colwich address 15110 W 70th N. 67030. That's the Hse with the green roof at the corner of 151st west and 70th street north. 1/2 mile south of the blue pipe on 96 Hwy on your way to Hutchinson. Did anyone else skip school to go to the (Sept1969) State Fair to see the Guess Who in concert? I think it was our Junior year? Well I think this site is great. I'm on that other site that charges but decided not to keep paying so can't send or receive on that site. Hope someone could spread the word to those members in order to keep them informed about this one.

Well so long for now, hope we all make it to 2016.

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