In Memory

Arthur Mendoza

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01/14/11 08:36 PM #1    

Jeff Kutilek

Artie went against the grain and was friends with everyone. Memories from Riverside Chalet and going over to his house I will not forget. Many more stories I can tell.

01/17/11 11:13 AM #2    

Norman Thole

Artie was my friend, I will always remember his smile and those glasses. He worked with my dad and I for awhile building homes. His death was truly a shock to me.

01/20/11 12:19 AM #3    

Chris Pinkham

 It was the first day of 7th grade, and fate put me next to Arthur in science class at John Marshall.  It was the first time we'd ever met and we were sitting there saying nothing, when out of nowhere, Art asked me:  "How do you give the finger?"  Art wasn't asking me how to do it, he wanted to review my technique.  I showed him under the black lab table in front of us so that no one else, like the teacher, could see.  Seeing my middle finger extended with the other 3 fingers and thumb drawn down as tight as possible over my palm, he opined:  "You give the finger like a pu##y."  Fortunately, Art was benevolent enough to then proceeded to demonstrate, again, under the table, the proper method, which required that all except the middle finger be bent at a sharp angel at the middle knuckle, with the thumb extended but cocked.  I spent the rest of that hour and some time in nearly every class for days afterward sitting at my desk and pressing my fingers against the front of my thigh, until they'd assume the proper position on their own.  I'll forever be in his debt.

He was a really nice guy with a good sense of humor who could laugh at himself.  I wish he was going to be there this September. 



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