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Randy Jay Bass

 I know Randy was very much looking forward to our upcoming 40th reunion, and I'm very sorry that now, he won't be there.  

What I remember most about Randy was when we were in Jr. High at John Marshall.  I can't remember if they called the dances in the gymnasium "sock hops" or "mixers", but what I do remember is how all the girls would line up on one side of the gym, and all the boys would line up on the other.  The DJ or band would play one song after another to a empty dance floor, and after a while you had to wonder if ever the twain would meet.  

After an uncomfortably long time during which only the girls would dance with each other because none of the boys could muster the nerve to put themselves out there, out of the mob of guys, (and I'm talking here about on more than one occasion), Randy would emerge and cross the invisible line separating the genders, and be the first guy willing to ask a girl to dance.  Then, like when performing as a singer in the rock groups he fronted back then, Randy would take on a Tom Jones-esque persona, moving his upper body and gyrating his hips, while largely keeping his feet planted in one place on the floor. Meanwhile, the rest of us guys would snicker and whisper to each-other, making fun of him while, at least for me, admiring the #ell out of him for having the nerve and jealous that he was out there making time with the girls on the dance floor while the rest of us stood there like a bunch of cowards.  I always admired Randy for that, and had planned to tell that story on our reunion facebook page sometime between now and September.  

RIP brother, I know I'll never forget you...

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07/06/11 12:01 AM #1    

Jaymee Schroeder (Metzenthin)

My first public kiss was with Randy in the 9th grade. He and I were in the musical "So this is Paris" and his character was to kiss mine.  I was terrified!  I was certain he had much more experience at this than me (I had none) and would have preferred to kiss just about anyone but me.  Not having a lot of success rehearsing the scene with us, Miss Gross the director finally had us run towards each other in the aisle of John Marshall's auditorium, hoping the impact would end in the semblance of a kiss.  It sort of worked and I will always remember how cool I thought Randy was. I wish I could have thanked him for making that year so much fun and exciting. 

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